Formed in 2010, Sansho Daiko brings a fresh approach to an ancient art form. Drawing on both contemporary and traditional repertoire, the group creates a visual and aural experience that crosses ethnic and cultural boundaries. All the members of Sansho Daiko bring with them years of experience gained in other taiko groups and share a love of experimentation and exploration. Like the plant it was named after, Sansho Daiko seeks to be a spicy addition to the west coast taiko scene!

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What is taiko?
A new generation of taiko players is starting to assert itself as the children of some of the original players, who have played the drums since they were young, are coming into their own. As well, newer groups like Yuikai Ryukyu Taiko–an ensemble with roots in Vancouver’s Okinawan community–are beginning to emerge, injecting a new energy and new ideas into the local taiko scene. READ MORE

What is Sansho?
Outside of Asia this plant is referred to as “sansho,” “Szechwan pepper,” “Chinese pepper,” “Japanese pepper,” “aniseed pepper,” “Spice pepper,” “Chinese prickly-ash,” “Fagara,”  “Nepal pepper,” “Indonesian lemon pepper,” and others. READ MORE

Sansho recipes
Visually, this dish speaks softly, but it combines quite a number of sensations: a buttery fish, sautéed for a crisp skin, and a broth of such depth you'll never believe it was simmered for just five minutes. The mixture of enoki and shimeji mushrooms looks gorgeous and lends a meatiness, punctuated by an elusive woodsy smokiness, to the sansho-flecked broth. READ MORE

Group members
The members of Sansho Daiko from from a variety of backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of experience. Individual members have played with other taiko groups including Katari Taiko, Uzume Taiko, Chibi Taiko, Steveston Tera Taiko, Gold Buddha Monastery Taiko and Tokidoki Taiko. READ MORE